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Royal Saunas Product Range

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Classical series

Classical I-A1   Classical II-S2   classical III-S2   classical IV-S2   Classical C1  


Modern Series


Modern series I 120   Modern series II 140   Modern series III 160   Modern series IV 180   Modern Ceries MC  


Modern series I


Royal Carbon I -S5   Royal Carbon II -S3   Royal Carbon III -S4   Royal Carbon C5


Black series 9000


Black series 9001   Black series 9002   Black series 9003   Black series 9004  


Modern series II


9001   9002   9003   9004  


Luxury series


  2   3   45  
Royal I-S4   Royal II-H1   Royal III-H1   RS-C  


Super Value series


Royal SV II-MN   Royal SV-II   Royal SV-III  


Special series


Royal 9006 C   Laydown sauna   Royal II-N2  


Conventional Saunas (Hot rock) 1


Royal II-R1   Royal III-R1 - C4( Steam and infrared sauna)   Royal IV-R1   Commercial Sauna RHE6 (8 persons)  



Conventional Saunas (Hot rock) 2

Royal sauna SEK-E2 (2 persons)   Royal sauna SEK-E3 (3 persons)  



Hammam- Saunas


Royal sauna-hammam 1712F R/L   Royal sauna hammam 1712J R/L